PHCC Texas Continues to Provide Education and Training During Coronavirus Outbreak

In response to the heightened guidance by the government on limiting contact, PHCC has suspended in-person classes through April 19. We are continuing to offer education through correspondence and will be updating our delivery methods to include live virtual classrooms until in-person training can be resumed. We recognize the importance of in-person instruction and look forward to rescheduling those classes as soon as possible.

If your license expires March 31 or April 30, we highly recommend ordering a correspondence course through PHCC and paying your renewal fees through TSBPE. When you place a correspondence order through PHCC, we ship you a packet (USPS Priority) containing a CE textbook, 150 True/False questions, and a two-page answer sheet. Upon completing the test, return only the answer sheet to us via email, fax or mail/delivery.

We follow a strict same day turnaround policy, meaning we grade your answer sheet and transfer your credit to the TSBPE the same day we receive it. We will also mail a hard copy of your certificate of completion and test score.

To order to a correspondence class, order online or call us at 512-523-8094.

We are fully staffed and are open for business. Call volumes are high, so if someone does not pick up, please leave a message or email us at and someone from our office will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please keep an eye on our website for more information, additional correspondence courses, and updated schedules.

Click here for the latest news on coronavirus and its impact on our industry.



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Fri:  7:30 am till 12:30 pm

OFFICE PHONE NUMBER:  (800) 992-7422 

EMERGENCY PHONE:  (512) 799-6283 (answered Friday evening and Saturdays)




If you missed a 2018-19 CPE Class, you can still receive your credit via correspondence!  Call us today to find out how: (800) 992-7422

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10 hr. OSHA Buda: 4/23/20 & 4/24/20

PLBG CE Houston NORTH 4/25/20

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