Governor Abbott gives TSBPE two more years! 


June 13, 2019                                                                

Statement by Alicia Dover, Executive Director of the Plumbing Heating and Cooling Contractors Association of Texas, regarding announcement by Gov. Abbott on a solution to maintain state oversight of plumbing licensure in Texas.

“PHCC is grateful to Governor Abbott for an Executive Order issued today extending the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners until 2021.  This option maintains the plumbing certifications and licenses necessary to preserve the health, safety and well-being of all Texans.

Maintaining these certifications and licenses will continue to be the top priority of our organization. We appreciate the opportunity to work with the Governor’s office on this important announcement and hopeful resolution.

Appropriate licensing and oversight of Texas plumbers is valued by the responsible individuals who comprise our industry and is relied upon by the Texans that utilize their services. From providing peace of mind to families in their homes to ensuring safety in our schools, hospitals and businesses, the role of the plumber is central to the core of our daily lives.

Plumbers speak to hundreds of thousands of Texans every day and overwhelmingly, we are hearing that the public feels strongly about maintaining uniform licensure across the state.

We applaud Gov. Abbott’s leadership in recognizing the seriousness of this situation.

We are committed to working with Gov. Abbott and legislators to ensure that uniform plumbing standards and enforcement remains in place.

We look forward to working with our state leaders during the interim to address important industry issues that will be discussed as part of the Sunset process.”

Click here to read the full order and statement by the Governor:

June 7, 2019 Governor Greg Abbott sent a Twitter message on Tuesday the 4th that he would help the plumbers in Texas.  What that means exactly, and how it will affect our industry licensing, remains to be seen.  We are working to provide information to the Governor's office letting them know that the plumbers in Texas need relief! Operating without state regulation and/or just counting on municipalities to enact ordinances would be utter chaos!  More to come in the days ahead.   Meanwhile, it is business as usual.  The licensing law and rules are still in effect.  



With the recent decisions made at the Texas legislature, PHCC Texas is working hard to urge the Governor to ask the Governor to intervene on our behalf.  We strongly believe licensing of plumbers belongs at the state level.

Since the commencement of the Texas Sunset Review of TSBPE, we have diligently participated in meetings, letter writing campaigns, and phone calls stating the fact that plumbers matter and the work they do requires unique and dedicated oversight.

We have been at every hearing, offering testimony, sending out letter writing campaigns, requesting district legislative meetings by constituents, asking the legislative members to support the ongoing viability of TSBPE.

We are just as saddened and shocked to hear that although our efforts to save TSBPE occurred, we were subsequently caught in a legislative move that took away a "safety net" that would give TSBPE two more years with a future sunset review.

What are we doing now? The same things that you are. Letter writing, phone calls, office visits, and more. Asking those who use our services to reach out. Encouraging plumbers to make their voices heard.

We are so proud of the plumbers of Texas. They are strong, well trained, and proud of their trade. Keep fighting for what you know is right. We are fighting right along with you.

More to come. We will do what we can to share information as it is made known.

May 29th - TSBPE releases a statement regarding licensure. Click HERE to read more.


On Sunday, May 26th, the Texas House of Representatives voted against the adoption of the Conference Committee Report (CCR) for SB 621.  Approval of the CCR would have transferred the regulation of plumbing to TDLR.  Unfortunately, the sunset safety net bill, HB 1550, which would have moved the TSBPE sunset review to 2021 with a limited review, did not pass either.
Under current law, a state agency that is abolished in an odd-numbered year may continue in existence until September 1 of the following year to conclude its business.  Furthermore, unless the law provides otherwise, abolishment does not reduce or otherwise limit the power and authority of the state agency during the concluding year.




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